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I dedicated myself to creating fun and fabulous digital products, business programs, communities, and creative spaces to help aspiring and growing entrepreneurs accomplish their goals.

Being born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, taught me how to hustle and create a path for myself that no one can take away from me. Through Determination and perseverance, I followed my dreams and moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue my dreams of being an entrepreneur and catering to society.

I graduated from Strayer University in 2020 with a Bachelors for Business Administration with a focus in entrepreneurship and it helped me truly learn different dynamics in running a company. While attending school, I worked full time in property management and learned a great deal to further expand my business into the luxury hospitality world.

I am the founder and CEO of The Fabulous Factory, LLC (Luxury Hospitality Group) and Mimosas and Business (Podcast Show & Business Development Community) which both promotes self-awareness and entrepreneurship by providing top of the line resources for amazing female entrepreneurs to boost productivity, visibility and profits within small businesses.

My main goal is to ELEVATE aspiring and growing entrepreneurs so that they know the power they hold in creating an empire. I challenge people to be their authentic selves, and to be innovative among all odds.

I inspire many people to grow their business and take action, because I am very transparent about my journey and how I manifested my current lifestyle.

My techniques keep you AHEAD OF THE GAME. It’s not what you say, nor what you do, but the energy you put behind it. To get to know me a little more head over to @thefabulousfactory Instagram page and stay connected by joining our mailing list for LIVE Q&A’s.

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